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Note: This aidpage was started as a comment on "Home page of Hondamatic"


 Excuse me, but I just saw your reply to Lady Christie.

 First of all, let me say this: I, too, have done "hits for pay" and the majority of MY time was spent reading emails and since I did not troll boards scrounging up members, I never received a dime.

My initial reaction to your post was disgust, but I felt it was harmless compared to most solicitations we receive here. BUT NOW, you have not only insulted, but were incredibly rude to someone who has spent more time helping people than you could ever imagine and you deny it to soulight.

Your post is nothing more than a solicitation to increase your downline so YOU can receive more money. The more people you get signing up, the more $ YOU make - isn't that right? However, you failed to mention THAT in your post didn't you?

Do everyone here a favor, apologize to LADY CHRISTIE, then take your solicitation elsewhere. No one here needs your kind of "help".
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Lady Christie

Thank you Who~Knew and Soulight. I had to sit on my thoughts for a minute. I greatly appreciate Soulight and Who~Knew for standing up for me. We at Aidpage should look out for eachother. I also want to say I do not need an apology, I did what I felt was right and if I have to take a couple punches to help other people then that's fine by me. I am here to look out for people and to help people and no one will discourage me from doing just that. Christie

Talk to Lady Christie

AMEN , WHO~KNEW ! An apology is in order. soulight

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